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Friday 9/26
afternoon Trips on weekends until 9/28 Call 831 336 2244

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Our 6 anglers again found 6 limits of mainly Black Rockfish to 3 pounds but it was a steady pick all morning with flat no current conditions.6

Our 6 anglers and Captain had great action on the Black Rockfish Boating 7 limits for all. the weather was flat calm.

Our 6 anglers hunted around but finally found some clear water with hungry fish. they boated 6 limits of bomber Blues and jumbo Black Rockfish to 5 pounds. The swell was confused but laided down and turned into a great day!

We had a private charter of our regular customers and they had great fishing boating limits of Lingcod to 18 pounds, a nice 15 pound halibut, 2 Starry flounder to 10 pounds and assorted 4-6 rockfish! the conditions were great all day.

Our 6 anglers had great lingcod fishing boating 6 nice Lingcod to 12 pounds and 60 rockfish fishing local! conditions have been perfect.

Our family of 4 and the captain heade out to the Rockfish grounds and found the fish were still biting and The afternoon was very pleasant with light winds and a small sea.

Our 6 anglers had fast action on Jumbo black Rockfish boating Quick limits of 60 fish and 3 nice lingcod to 12 pounds!! flat clm and overcast.

We have been having awesome weather for the morning trips with limits of rockfish for all passengers every trip, the lingcod go on and off the bite with easy limits one and shy hitch hikers the next the average on the rockfish has been very good with a solid 2 pound average and over 10 pounds on the lingcod not many shorts this season. Afternoon trips seem to get the larger rockfish but lingcod are a bit slower then. We will continue these trips through Labor day weekend.

Our 6 anglers heaeded west of Santa cruz and found schools of Bomber Blue rockfish from 2-5 pounds attacking the baits, they boated 6 quick limits and also managed to land 2 Lingcod to 15 pounds! Conditions were lumpy but no wind.

Our 4 anglers found great weather and fishing this evening, they boated 4 limits of brown and vermilion rockfish to 4 pounds and a 10 pound lingcod to boot!

Our 4 anglers had great fishing, they boated 4 limits of jumbo black rockfish and one 18 pound lingcod! great weather too.

Our private charter hide from the afternoon wind and found great action on Black and vermilion Rockfish! They did a few drifts for Halibut but found short lingcod instead.

Our 5 anglers had great weather, whalewatching and fishing today! They boated limits of Jumbo Black and Vermilion Rockfish, a 7 pound Cabezone and 3 lingcod to 10 pounds!

Our 6 anglers had a banner day boating 6 limits of Black rockfish to 7 pounds, olive rockfish to 5 pounds and vermilion rockfish to 6 pounds! plus another 8 lingcod to 10 pounds and a token Cabezone to round out the day!

Our 5 anlgers headed west of Santa Cruz and had sunny flat conditions with no wind. They boated 5 limits of jumbo Black and vermilion rockfish 3-6 pounds and drifted for 8 lingcod to 9 pounds!

Our 4 anglers had awesome flat conditions but relatively slow fishing we fished all over for a slow pick but managed 4 limits of jumbo black rockfish and 1 lingcod to 8 pounds!

Our 6 anglers did an afternoon run to the mile buoy area and boated 6 quick limits of vermilion and Black rockfish! Great conditions were enjoyed by all.

Our 5 anglers used live bait and had another quick morning on the jumbo black rockfish with 5 limits. We then drifted with live bait and boated an 18 pound Halibut and 10 pound lingcod! awesome weather again.

our 4 anglers fish ed in the shallows again and had fast action boating 4 limits of jumbo black rockfish a nice cabezon and 2 lingcod to 10 pounds! Great conditions continue!

Our 6 anglers headed west of santa Cruz and had a steady pick on the Black and Vermilion rockfish boating 6 limits and then did a long drift and put in 6 Lingcod to 13 pounds! Weather was calm but lumpy.

Our 6 anglers had great action in the shallows boated 5 lingcod to 15 pounds and limits of jumbo black rockfish! weather has been flat calm.

Our party of 3 junior anglers and 3 adults enjoyed a steady pick of quality black rockfish to boat limits for all to 4 pounds. glassy conditions prevail on the inside of the bay.

Our 6 anglers hid from the wind and fished the shallows west of Santa Cruz. They landed 4 nice keeper Lingcod to Cabezon to 9 pounds and limits of Quality Vermilion, Grass and Black Rockfish!

Our 5 anglers fished the morning for halibut in the bay. They were rewarded with 3 nice Halibut from 10-15 pounds! we then finished off with 1/2 limits or nice vermilion and brown rockfish to round out the day! the weather is the summer norm with overcast calm conditions.

Summer is here in Santa Cruz and our commercial season is coming to a close. We will be running Nearshore Trips for halibut, Lingcod and rockfish fishing is excellent and will sustain throughout the remainder of the year. Hope to see all our old friends this season! so call 831 336 2244 or email if interested.



Phone: 831 336 2244
EMAIL: CaptJoe@ChartleCharters.com

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