Whale Watching Trips on Monterey Bay

~ For the week of April 2nd 2017 ~
Scattered  Humpbacks throughout the Bay, a couple random Gray whales , 1 dolphin along with a lot of otters & the usual pelicans, albatross, terns, gulls, murres and cormorants.

2 hour Coastal Charter trips are great for first timers and children. We stay close to shore and are guaranteed to see seals, otters as well as all types of birds. Porpoises, Dolphins and Whales are all possible sitings as well.
$300 per charter

4 hour Monterey Canyon Charter is a longer, more in-depth trip covering the outer canyons in search of Humpback, Gray and Blue Whales plus all types of Dolphin and Porpoise are regularly seen.
$500 per charter


The Monterey Bay offers the nature viewer one of the widest range of marine life viewing of anywhere in the world be it mammals, birds or fish. Our area is the largest feeding area between the tip of Baja California up to the Alaskan panhandle. On any given day a variety of seals are likely to be seen playing and lounging. They include a couple of our favorites; the California sea lion and the shy harbor seal. On rare occasions the Stellar sea lion and the famed Elephant seal are seen cruising our waters.
Whales are present year round to feed on the Bay’s nutrient rich waters. During Winter and Spring months hundreds of migrating California Gray Whales pass though our area. During the Summer months Blue, Fin Back and Humpback Whales may be seen feeding in the outer waters along with Minke and Killer Whales.
Porpoises and Dolphins of all varieties feed and play all year round. Pelicans, Gulls, Terns and countless varieties of other sea birds call the Monterey Bay their home. With these birds nesting along the cliffs and isolated beaches while feeding in the waters around us add non stop action to the skies above. The summer months can provide a nice viewing of a few of the underwater fish in our area as well and with the influx of those warm waters, Blue, Thresher and the enormous Basking Sharks can be seen cruising the surface on calm windless days. If you’re lucky, you may even see one of the Captain’s favorites – the comical looking Pacific Sunfish or Mola-Mola which basks in the sun to attract sea gulls for a sea lice cleaning.