For us, there is nothing more satisfying in charter fishing than happy anglers…

  • If you ever want to go out on a 6 pack charter, whether it be with family, friends or business associates, you want to have a memorable experience and put some quality meat in the boat at the same time.

    Try Chartle Charters out of Santa Cruz, you won’t be disappointed.

    Maybe you own a boat and just need to learn some techniques for Halibut or would like to get respect by throwing big Ling’s on the fish cleaning table when you come in.

    How about a custom charter for White Sea Bass at night or that trip outside for Albacore.

    I vouch for this guy as quite possibly the best fisherman I have ever fished with and learn something new every time I go with him.

    Check out his web site use him, you won’t be disappointed.

~Robert Casey, Berkshire Hathaway California Realty

  • Joe,

    There’s nothing like a little crappy weather and some choppy seas to start out on my first “chartered” salmon run. Having my little brother in town for a long overdue visit made this trip a “must-do event” and what a great time had by all. Needless to say, you were (ARE) “The Man”. Downriggers constantly ready for action and great positioning for fish made our wait for strikes and limits a short one (and no extra charge for the Humpbacks, Orcas and nearly landing that Seal…no joke!). Next time, I want to see you reel that 15 lb lead ball up from 300 feet without breaking a sweat!

    Thanks for a great day in the Monterey Bay!


    Rick Doran (Jeff Doran & Pat Connelly as well!)

  • Thanks Joe for a great trip!

    We had great fishing with consistent action all day long. We boated 9 big fish for 5 anglers and released several shorts and a shark. When we camin in, we found out that the party boat with 40 fisherman on it had only 3 legal halibut for the whole day! A group that went on that trip offered to buy the heads from our fileted fish! It shows you know what you’re doing!

    We’ll be back!

    Pastor Brad Allen

    Faith Hope & Love Church

    San Mateo

  • Captain Joe,

    Thanks for all your hard work on our most recent fishing expedition in Monterey Bay. My brother and I really enjoyed our time on the water and appreciate your knowledge and efforts to locate the best fishing spots. I hope that the Salmon season is a big success for your boat. I look forward to our next trip together.


    Donald Keith Montgomery

  • Just wanted to thank you again for a great fathers day yesterday. It will certainly be one that the boys and I will remember and talk about until we are old and gray. The fish did their job, but you made it a great time for the kids.

    We’ll certainly be back for more when the Albacore come in.

    Bradley D. Bosomworth

  • Captain Joe,

    Fishing was great. I don’t think that I will ever get my fill of it. I am sending you a tip for finding such a great spot to fish. I can’t wait until I can do that again. My wife’s family loved it too.

    Thank you.


  • Joe,

    Thanks for the great trip. You really worked to find the Salmon for us and it paid off. Most everyone else skunked and we limited. Justin and I had a BLAST. Everyone loved the Salmon. See you on a return trip!!

    Kent Burnes

  • Hi Joe- Thanks for a good day @ sea we all agreed that this is the way to go fishing. I know that James and I will come again.

    Thanks again,

    Steve Hinze

  • Hi Joe,

    I’ve been meaning to email you my appreciation for such a nice fishing trip a few weeks ago, but… well you know how things go. Anyways I got the photos back and thought you might like to see your handywork. I’d like to book with you again some time in the future.


    Louis Braddi

  • Our family went on a fishing trip with Joe Stoops of Chartle Charters. We enjoyed a day on the “FlatFish” in Monterey Bay. Our 16-year-old son, Dan, was the first to land a fish. He brought in a nice salmon. I was next to be lucky and landed a 20-lb halibut. My husband then matched my catch with another 20-lb halibut. The day was beautiful. The sea was calm for the most part, and we relaxed and fished like we knew what we were doing. This was the first ocean fishing we had done as a family, and Dan’s first ocean fishing trip ever. It was easy to do and the service that Captain Joe provided was top-notch. Thanks for having this type of service available for your internet explorers.

    Perky Tallent


  • Dear Capt. Joe,

    -I again want to thank you for a great time yesterday. My Son Tony and I enjoyed ourselves very much. I’m probably the only one who has been on your boat and got skunked. It was well worth it to see Tony catch his first tuna, and what a nice one. Unfortunately we didn’t weigh it, but if I had to guess, I would guess it weigh about 38 pounds. You are a better judge of the weigh of these tuna. Watching Tony battling that fish for as long as he did, gave me a pit in my stomach. Praying this wasn’t going to be the big fish that got away. There differently was a sigh of relief when that fish landed on the deck. Great job on the GAF. Maybe next year when the tuna are running strong, Tony and I will want to go out with you. Maybe I’ll have a chance to catch my first tuna also, if not, I will just enjoy the opportunity to go out and try.

    Thanks again,

    Roger Martarano

  • Just a note to say thanks for helping me celebrate becoming an old broad!! (turning 50 was a stone bummer!) – we thoroughly enjoyed our day with you (and the wonderful filets we feasted on tonight!) – and are looking forward to going out with you again. Thanks, too, for your kindness to Amanda – she’s really enjoying this!

    Hope the holidays are warm and blessed for you and yours –

    Rick and Marcy

  • I just got back from a great trip and wanted to report here. I decided to take my wife, and 6 year old son Salmon fishing, and was referred to from the good folks on the “Bay Area Tuna Club” Bulletin board. We live in Ventura, and decided to make a weekend of it leaving friday @ noon and arrived in Santa Cruz just before dinner. Santa Cruz is about 4 1/2 hours north of us, and I must say I never get tired of the beautiful drive up our great state! We stayed at the “Terrace Court” hotel directly across from the wharf in Santa Cruz. It’s been years since I’ve been to Santa Cruz, and I forgot how much I like that beach town (this is how a beach town should be built…lotsa fun stuff right on the water!). A good dinner at Stagnaros on the wharf, and a great day at the Monterey Aquarium saturday. The aquarium was wonderful, and our weather was PERFECT! Now for the good part…..The Salmon fishing! Chartle Charters is a 4/6 pack style captain run boat on a nice “Farallon” boat which was nicely equipped. We met the captain at the harbor at 6:00am and were soon on our way. I’m not familiar with the area, but I believe we fished an area off “Davenport” in the early morning with no luck…After about an hour or so we headed to a calmer area of Monterey Bay, and within about 20 minutes things started breaking loose! I’m ashamed to admit I lost the 1st fish of the day at the boat… A beautiful 20 lb King Salmon!) I lifted his head near the boat and he shook the barbless hook……AARRGGHHHHH!!!!! Not to worry…..a few minutes later I hooked an even bigger King. This guy was a brute! He made a coupla runs, and each time he got near the boat my knees were knockin……Thank goodness for the skill of the captain! It looked like a Michael Jordan 3 steps from half court kinda move when the captain netted the beast….phew! Monkey off my back, I was able to kinda forget about “the one that got away” Not five minutes later we hooked and boated a 12 pounder. This fish was more cooperative (or maybe I was getting better at listening to Capt Joe’s advice) and came to the boat for an easier netting. Just as our Capt was setting up the downrigger our surface setup goes off like mad! A medium sized Silver gave us an acrobatics show that was worth the price of admission in its own right….Too bad the Cohos can’t be kept…..I understand Monterey Bay is full of them now! Oh well, maybe this reg will change if the numbers stay up……Anyhow, the joy of my life was having my son stand in front of me and crank the handle a few times as we fought the Salmon together as my wife was beside us cheering us on, a truely great experience. I can’t say enough nice things about Captain Joe Stoops. He was pleasant, kind to our young son, but best of all he worked his tail off to put us on the fish and he absolutely helped us put the fish in the box. Anyone who has ever thought about going north for the salmon sho! uld give this operation a try. I will fish this boat again (and again and again).

    Happy Fishing,

    PK (Paul Kennedy)

  • In response to Paul’s posting;

    I too have fished with Joe and I must say that he runs one of the best operations in northern california. He works extremely hard to find fish for people, and he has been successful every time I have went out with him! In fact, the largest bluefin I have ever caught (80+lbs) was with Joe only fifteen miles out of Santa Cruz harbor! Glad to hear you had a good time with him too.

    -Gregg Chow