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Fishing Report

Both Ultralight and Live Bait Trips are guaranteed action!!

Current trips are having great success on any which way you want to fish! Halibut fishing is the top poundage producer with a variety of other fish joining in on the cooler. check out   Video (1)  But for Action the ultralight has been steady to Wide Open every trip! Wind offshore has been relentless but…

Summer is in full Swing!

7-31-22 We have been mainly running Live Bait trips with anchovies, smelt and squid being readily availabe. Larger than average Lingod make up most of the catches with a few Halibut coming to the rail as well. Ultalight is finally getting going with the influx of Black rockfish to the shallows. A few Albacore were…

King Salmon catching is gaining momentum!

4/19/22 Our past few King Salmon trips have steadily been gaining consistent productivity! A few big fish where landed on the first trips but now a stream of multi-sized fish are showing up all over the area around Santa Cruz! We have some availibility before the Commercial opener!

King Salmon 2022!

Salmon Season is on the Horizon!! 2022 King Salmon season will open April 2. We already are booked out for the first week! Bait and conditions in the bay at an all time high, Anchovies, mackerel, sardines and even a few Bonito are in our salmon grounds as we speak. We will be hitting it…

Bluefin Tuna are still in the Monterey Bay!!

12/11/21 Another great day on the Monterey Bay fishing these apex predators! the weather was sunny and calm with just enough swell to camoflage our boat, we hooked up 5 minutes after we set lines. 20 minutes later a beautiful 85 lb Bluefin was on the deck!   we had a few more missed bites…

Christmas Bluefin Tuna!!!

12/09/21 This amazing fishery continues to entertain the seasoned anglers here in Santa Cruz with good weather and bearable runs to the Monterey Bay Tuna grounds! The biomass of bait seems to be holding well here in the bay and keeping the tuna within close range. We boated 3 yesterday up to 110 pounds and…

Bluefin Holiday Special

11/22/21 Since most of our regulars have landed a bluefin Tuna, we are opening up the boat to small groups at a reduced rate to take advantage of this rare opportunity to catch a possible fish of a lifetime in our local waters! Many fish over 100lbs have been landed recently. The days are a bit shorter but the water and bait conditions are holding well and chances to catch a Nor Cal Tuna remain strong for the up coming future. We are offering these trips at a per person rate of $500 for the day (3 person minimum), these trips include all top notch gear, ice, live bait(mackerel). These trips start a 6am and last all day. The cabin is heated and the boat fishes very comfortably in most weather conditions on the local tuna grounds. The Main Monterey Bay…

Santa Cruz Bluefin Tuna won’t leave

11/14/2021 we haven’t been updating the fish reports on the website for quite some but with this amazing influx Bluefin tuna it’s time. The crowded days have a lower hook up ratio due to the fish keeping clear of the surface activity we create, but week days and rougher weather days the bite is pretty…

UltraLight Nearshore scoring Limits of Quality Rockfish and few decent Lingcod

5/27/21 Our recent ultralight trips have been staying clear of the rough and windy conditions offshore and enjoying consistent fishing on quality Rockfish up to 4lbs and a few Lingcod each trip up to 9lbs, we even landed an 11lb Halibut. We have been mainly fishing west of the lighthouse in 40-60′ of water.

5 nice Lingcod along with 3/4 limits Rockfish!

6 anglers ventured out west of Santa Cruz and boated 3/4 limits of Black, bomber Blues and Vermilion from 2-5 lbs, additionally 5 nice Lingcod were landed from 7-14 lbs. There was a steady west wind all day, no seas or swell.

4 Lingcod from 10-25 lbs!!

Our 6 anglers found fast action on rockfish and jumbo lingcod. They boated limits of quality black, brown and olive rockfish and 4 lingcod from 10-25 lbs. We tried Halibut and released 3 shorts. Air 67 clear with water at 59.    

Another banner fishing day on the Bay!!

Our charter of 6 anglers had another banner day on the bay! They boated limits of black, olive and vermilion rockfish. Plus a 9lb lingcod and 2 Halibut to 10lbs. Overcast and calm seas with air 62’ and water 58’.