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Working those Bluefin Tuna grounds!

Zack-Bruce and bluefin

Our group of excited Bluefin anglers braved the weather and made it to the Tuna grounds by 7:00a. It was rough as snot but fish were jumping so it didn’t really matter. (Now I personally don’t think snot is very rough, but when the Captain says so, I gotta just go with it.)

Our first hook-up was made within a 1/2 hour of reaching our destination. After fighting for over an hour, we lost her at the boat. While trolling around we didn’t get another hit until 2:00pm. With the weather subsiding we were able to land our next two hookups, 40lbs and the other 50lbs.   Our nice weather window seemed to close right after that. Air was a nice 70′ with water 63′, broken sky along with sharp, short seas.

dave with bluefinBluefin on the deck Fish on1 Joe fileting bluefin1 Matt at dock-bluefin