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Bluefin Tuna takes a breather..

Tom Ling

We’ve had a blast the last couple weeks playing with these Bluefin so I gotta admit we are a little sad to see it slow. Are they gone? Well only time and our reports will tell but I’m going to be an optimist and assume they are taking a break for a couple days. What I can say is that these warm waters are bringing in some nice pelagics but at the same time we are currently getting some tough weather patterns that should subside by mid week. Marbling water temps are scattering the fish but the chlorophyll index is looking good. As for yesterday, we headed out with high hopes and saw plenty of dolphins and whales but no tuna takers on our offerings for us or the fleet. At around 2:00pm, we came on in the inside and landed a couple Lingcod to 11lbs and a handful of rockfish. The swell was large on the inside slowing the groundfish.

Tom ling1 whale-bird with matt