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Bluefin Tuna update..

Because these particular Tuna have been rather stubborn on their grounds, today was all about perfecting techniques until something worked. We pulled out our Mexico tactics and that seemed to be the best bet. Our last minute 10:00am charter headed to Davenport where we saw acres of jumpers along with birds, whales and porpoises.  Once we arrived it wasn’t long before we boated our first and only Bluefin for the day. A 50 pounder came across our decks and about an hour later we had another hook up but lost it at the boat. The weather was calm all day with overcast skies, an air temp of 70′ and a water temp of 63′.. We will continue our pursuit as long as the weather holds and the Tuna remain. Our next scheduled charter is for nearshore Lingcod on Saturday 10/3 however we are open to heading to Tuna grounds with just a phone call. If no charters materialize we will be working on our commercial boat, the Lauren Rose, getting ready for crab season.