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It’s was a fire drill on the Salmon grounds!!!

Choon with rockfish

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better today it went WIDE OPEN!
Fire drill back and fourth w doubles and triples. Battling sea lions and killer whales for our fish. Limits for 6 guests= 12 salmon to 18lbs plus a limit for the crew.
Killer whales, humpbacks and gray whales in the tack. Air temp was 67’ and water temp 54’ All done by 11:30. I have room for one more on tomorrow’s trip… Call me if interested, Raina 831-336-2244

reelin in the salmon   KC with small salmon   Tim helping reel   Seth's friend salmon   Group of 14 salmon at dock   Tim with net bringing it on board   Seth with salmonnetting salmon  Tim on rail salmon day