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General fishing remains good with occasional Halibut showing. Salmon remain elusive.

lady with Ling and joe

Busyness (yes that’s a word) is to blame for the 4 in 1 fishing report tonight but sometimes that’s just how it goes..

Bill with ling1

Thursday 6/18 we boated 8 lingcod out of 24 hooked, releasing 16 along with a boatload of black and red rockfish. Our lingcod was upto 12lbs. The weather was overcast with calm seas with the usually afternoon breeze. Friday 6/19 we tried to our hearts content for Salmon and they remain elusive. Saturday 6/20 we headed west of Santa Cruz but needed to return early with a couple “green” customers.. After getting them back to land, we decided to stay within the local reefs and boated 5 limits of black and vermilion rockfish along with 2 lingcod. We had strong winds all day. Sunday 6/21 our party of 4 ventured west of Santa Cruz and boated 5 out of 15 Lingcod upto 12lbs plus 30 assorted rockfish, we rounded out with a bonus 18lb halibut! Weather was flat and calm in the morning but winds picked up after 12 noon. Today while commercial crabbing we were blown off early. Our next charter is scheduled for Wednesday, 6/24.