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Temporary closure of sport crab but Lingcod, Bonito and Bluefin Tuna are Ready to Play!.

john cook

With these great ocean conditions we have been able to fish where ever and as long as we want lately. The offshore waters have changed but there are still some Bluefin Tuna out there. Our Charter gave a half day try for them with little results. We switched to Lingcod at noon and had limits for all to 12 pounds in less than 2 hours, alot of shorts were released as well. The boats in the bay found schools of Bonito to 14 pounds and all they could catch. We will keep running trips as long as weather and interest holds up.

Due to the over abundance of domoic acid in our crab, our sport season is officially delayed, postponed, closed, however you don’t like to say it, we’re shut down. We do not know how long this will last but do know that testing of crab will continue and the season will reopen just as soon as the department of public health and the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment agree that crabs pose no health risk.   

Though domoic acid is quite poisonous to humans, birds and other sea life,it is a natural occurring toxin that is produced by too much algae being created in warmer waters. It is fast moving through the crabs, and has no ill effects on these crustaceans what so ever. We need some cooler water temps and a storm or two to flush it out.. Starting to find that our Bluefin tuna can’t play with our dungies .

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