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Fishing Report

As salmon scatter, Lingcod/rockfish fills in…

Salmon released

For our morning run we tried for salmon with no luck and then decided to head out to the rockfish grounds. We instantly got into action. Pulling up two huge fish at a time. We also caught and released 1 beautiful 20#salmon and continued to pull limits of rockfish. Air temp 64 water 54.

Salmon turn elusive so we turn to plan B..

Andrew A with rockfish

After grinding on the salmon grounds for four hours we decided to pull the plug and go try for some rockfish. So we came back down the hill and caught a few real nice fish including a vermillion and a lingcod. Then off to the crab grounds where we pulled pots for enough crab for…

Salmon continues to produce…

Fambrini holds salmon

High scores throughout the week lead to a lot of Sunday boat pressure. We were able to land 4 high grade king salmon to 18lbs. calm and glassy conditions today with water temp 54’ and air temp 62’.  Expecting bite to pick back up during the week w less pressure. ...

It’s was a fire drill on the Salmon grounds!!!

Choon with rockfish

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better today it went WIDE OPEN! Fire drill back and fourth w doubles and triples. Battling sea lions and killer whales for our fish. Limits for 6 guests= 12 salmon to 18lbs plus a limit for the crew. Killer whales, humpbacks and gray whales in the tack….

Family fun loading up on crab and landing limits!!

boy w binnoculars

Today was world class on the Monterey Bay!  Our guests enjoyed pulling crab pots for 40 dungeness crabs and then ventured on to the rockfish grounds where we caught limits of  high graded Olive rockfish.. A crisp morning with water temps peaking to 53′ with an air of 57′ along with nice calm seas rounded…

Potluck trips with crab combos continue to be the best bet!!

Todd and Jack

Our 6 anglers had beautiful fall weather in the morning before turning blistery. Crabbing is still good with 5-6 jumbo crab per person. The rock fishing was a little slow due to the moon phase and drift but the lingcod remained strong, keeping us busy. We landed 12 out of 18 hookups while keeping 8…